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The freelancers started as a software solution provider engaged in developing, customising and integrating a variety of application softwares as per needs and demand of the market - individuals, institutes, and corporate. It has also entered into publication and other Media related activities like cartooning and short documentary production.
The company has come out with an e-zine: The Tribal Tribune that will focus on the original population present in every corner of this planet. Their culture and behaviour will have a special place in the e-zine. The Tribal Tribune will be online with a new issue every month in English.


Smart Library



Our products are our strength.

The Freelancers has been into product development since its inception. We mostly cater to the educational institutions.  

Smart Library
is a library management system. It comes in two editions: Regular or desktop edition and Enterprise or multi-user edition. Any library personal to public, official to institutional can use this software

is the payroll and establishment maintenance software. It adheres to government procedures and standards.

Used to manage the accounts of an educational institution. 

Academia is is used to maintain records and generate reports of the post admission process. It manages everything from a student joining an institution to leaving the institution

The Freelancers is a product development company. In spite of that we believe that a proper support to the client is always a way to widen our scope of relationship with the client. 
The strong and dedicated workforce is always ready to take up any challenge, head-on. Its slow but sure approach makes them different from the crowd.
Over these years it has left no stone unturned in establishing confidence among its users.
Our clients belong to all sections and sectors. It ranges from the government to the private sector to the autonomous institutions. Our products have been a part of the daily functioning of many General colleges, Engineering Colleges and other technical institutions, Schools, NGOs etc.


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